“People without the knowledge of their Art, Culture and Heritage; are like trees without roots”

 – Marcus Garvey

Art & Culture have been a reflection of our society since time unknown; but it is no secret that these legacies and talents are waning unhurriedly, but steadily.

At IECCI, we believe that it is the duty of all to value, promote and preserve the rich, artistic, and cultural continuum of their civilization. We also believe that it is our moral responsibility to not only conserve our heritage, but also create the treasure of art and culture for future generations. And in the process, we promote the exquisite talent of various artists and artisans around the world.

Kalakaar, a special effort by IECCI, focuses on encouraging and promoting our artistic and cultural heritage through the betterment of the artist community and promotion of tourism.

Accolades – Kalaakar:

  • Empanelled with MP State Tourism Development Corporation as Tourism Consultant