Edu-In Bridge

“Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success”

– Dale Carnegie.

In a country like India, with an over-exploded population, there shouldn’t be any dearth of jobs, employees or of business opportunities!

What is lacking is either the right skill-set or the eye to see it. There exists a huge gap between what the market needs and what the education system produces in the form of a student. Fresh candidates often lack the skill set, enthusiasm and persistence needed to start off in the industry. Along with that, they also lack knowledge about their job profile and the industry sector they’re going to become a part of…

Such factors lead to a mismatch in the demand and supply of manpower, as industry professionals do not consider such candidates for a job as it results in under performance and large training costs on freshers.

Keeping this scenario in mind, Edu-Ind Bridge was created; for the benefit of the students and the industry sectors. Edu-Ind Bridge is a multi-stakeholder flagship program of IECCI, wherein skill development, mentoring, counseling, industry exposure and experience is provided to the students, in order to bridge the skill gap between the Industry/market and the Academia.

It would help in reducing various cost caused due to inefficiency of workforce by developing employable, versatile and result-driven student/ workforce pool. Thus, reducing the number of unemployed by preparing them for employment and self-employment opportunities by enhancing the skills.