Development Sector Services

“Development” in its true sense will never be complete until it includes the ones at the bottom of the pyramid and unless it is exhaustive enough to cover all aspects crucial to the society’s overall wellbeing.

Together, with you, we wish to make this world a better place to live in.

IECCI offers many services to support the development sector:

a.     Advocacy and lobbying: Through services like advocacy and lobbying, we at IECCI address issues pertaining to society and industry.

b.     Sector planning and advisory: IECCI also indulges into providing, sector and geography-specific planning and advisory services to its clients on various aspects of the concerned business.

c.     Research, survey and studies: Keeping into consideration the importance of Research in any business setup, IECCI provides services in the form of various expert studies being facilitated for the respective business concern.

d.     Training and capacity building: IECCI also engages in capacity building and development for the community as a whole. It also provides training, on vocational topics and entrepreneurship development, on varied subjects.

e.     Workshops, seminars, events and exhibitions: IECCI also engages in arranging many events, in order to spread awareness on many issues of socio-economic development:

i.     Seminars

ii.    Workshop

iii.   Training Program

iv.    Exhibitions

v.     Trade Shows

vi.    Rallies

f.     Project implementation at grass root level: IECCI pillars the implementation of innovative projects from the grass root level. These projects include:

i.     Company sponsored community programs

ii.    Adoption and development of villages, through the vocational training and capacity building programs.

g.     Documentation: Guidance is also provided to the clients by IECCI, with the complex process of documentation while undertaking any new project or starting up a business.

Accolades – Development Sector Services:

  • Special Consultative Status of Economic and Social Council of United Nations
  • Empaneled with the CSR Implementation hub of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GoI.
  • Empaneled with Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) in their national CSR hub
  • Partnered with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) body of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GoI for CSR
  • Nodal office and study center of IICA for their flagship programme ICP (CSR certified Professional) for Madhya Pradesh
  • Empanelled with Ministry of Minority Affairs for Leadership Development of Minority Women
  • Empanelled with MP State Tourism Development Corporation as Tourism Consultant
  • Nodal Training Institute of National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad, GOI for Madhya Pradesh for “Agri Clinic and Agri Business Centre Programme
  • Partner- Agriculture Skill Council of India
  • Empanelled with Environment Planning and Coordination Organization as consultant
  • MOU with Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, GOI
  • Knowledge partners- ICAR institutes including Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering, Indian Institute of Gums and Resins, Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, various KVKs and agriculture newspapers and magazines