Start-Up Services

INNOVATION is a growth catalyst; as it has the answers to all societal, environmental, and business issues.

We are determined to providing a complete ecosystem to start-ups…

A.     INCUBATION AND START-UP SUPPORT: We provide a rich & stable platform for the businesses to scale-up and become profitable.

a.     Idea validation

b.     Domain Expertise

c.     Mentoring And Counseling

d.     Regulatory Compliances & Legislative Services

e.     Detailed project report and pitching presentation

f.      Legal Support

g.     Funding Support

h.     Infrastructure Support

i.      ICT – Information & Communication Technology

j.      Marketing Support

k.     Accounting And Financial Support

l.      IPR Support


C.     INVESTMENT IN START-UP: We assist the funders and investors to find the right startup and do the due diligence