Corporate Social Responsibility Services

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails” – Henry David

IECCI is your campaigner for the cause of social returns!

We strive to create value for both – businesses and the society simultaneously. We specialise in offering creative solutions that strike a balance between both – the corporate motives & the societal advantage.

We help and facilitate the corporate houses to achieve their social goals and in turn help the society in a sustainable and responsible way through our expert services…

IECCI helps and facilitates the corporate houses achieve their social goals in sustainable and responsible way through

1.     Research and Development –

  • Customized research for Business Sustainability
  • Collating Good CSR Practices of Company
  • Mapping of Stakeholder-wise areas of interventions
  • Business Risk Analysis
  • Industry and Sector Review
  • Baseline Survey

2.    Consulting and Advisory –

  • Planning for inclusive CSR & sustainable strategy
  • Advising on CSR intervention area
  • Developing a CSR plan
  • Framing CSR policy

3.    Project development –

  • Development of Project for the intervention area & sector Budgeting for the project

4.    Due Diligence –

  • Developing Logical framework analysis
  • Developing Operational manual for the project.
  • CSR Compliance as per CSR rules of Companies Act 2013

5.    Monitoring & impact assessment –

  • Monitoring the project implementation-from legal, financial and social aspect as well as from the project

6.    Implementation of CSR Activities –

  • Execution of CSR programmes directly
  • Execution of CSR programmes through empanelled NGOs-acting as a mother NGO

7.    Reporting & documentation –

  • Preparation of Reports as per CSR Compliances
  • Impact Assessment Reports
  • Policy prescriptions and Manuals

8.    Training & capacity building –

  • Training and capacity building of corporate houses, government officers, students as well as NGOs

9.    Facilitation and interface between government, corporate houses and community –

  • Facilitation of project and interface between government, corporate houses and community for the effective implementation and outcome of the project

10.    CSR Audit –

  • CSR audit for legal and legislative compliances, project and agreement parameters


1.   Check the eligibility criteria, whether the organisation falls into the criteria of making a CSR spent and if so, what is the financial outlay of last 3 FY for justifying the CSR spent year-wise.

2.   Advising on Formation of CSR Committee and its Board within the Company

3.   Formulate a CSR Policy for the company and getting it approved from the Company’s CSR Board.

4.   Recommendation on Budget Provisions to be made for ensuring CSR spent as per applicable norms of the ACT.

5.   Training of CSR Board members, Committee members, concerned staff, implementation agencies for Orientation of the CSR

6.   Suggesting areas identified from the SCHEDULE VII of The Companies Act as per the catchment areas and Company’s interest in the areas for intervention.

7.   Project formulation, budgeting and developing log frame matrix for implementing identified CSR activities in the catchment area of the Company.

8.   Project implementation

9.   Training to the CSR Team of the Company and/or implementation agency.

10.  Impact Assessment Study of field level activities post CSR implementation.

11.  Plan for booking the possible internal expenses under CSR Budget as per the activities written in the CSR policy of the Company Act 2013.

12.  Documentation, Developing website / webpage for the Company’s online portal on CSR policy, activity and impact

13.  Monitoring, MIS and documentation

14.  Facilitation of project and interface between government, corporate houses and community for the effective implementation and outcome of the project

15.  CSR audit

Accolades – CSR:

  • CSR Training partner and study centre of IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affair, GoI
  • Empanelled with the CSR Implementation Agency Hub of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (IICA), GoI.
  • Partner of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affair, GoI for Financial Management of CSR
  • Empanelled with TISS for Corporate Social Responsibility